July 16, 2018
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Tying Sentences Together

You could propose that in the following section as you know as discussed you know his blendering was in many instances of unethical because it just you know but you have to tie it back to leadership terms too because it shows a lack of honesty tell me you know i mean don’t just leave it open for interpretation I know what it is I want to know you know what it is so don’t make me guess whether it’s in your head or not and then the conclusion so Lou to get back to your question now in the conclusion okay typically I mean if you read the synopsis okay accurately identify as conclusions implications and consequences with a well-developed explanation provides objective reflection okay. Read more about building logical connections at Edusson.

So it’s going to basically you’re going to tie everything together okay so if you almost like an executive summary you know as moves in the paper earlier Hilary you know Hitler had many influential leadership characteristics such as ability to communicate duh however he called she closely to the great man theory of leadership perspectives and we can tell us in you know it’s it’s really situations that make a man his behaviors were you know obviously unethical the rest of time tying everything like what leadership theories that you pick and then give a won tons of synopsis of this well you know personally today the end of each paragraph over I survives palette where you say that device for one of example I use personal messages and then an end of myosin is I good health basically nothing makes a bit of my personal actually happy right so yeah you don’t have to know don’t repeat those engines is just give me a general you know what worried the other ones socialist most motive okay so I jurors are in contact X such as emotional work in awareness personal mastery these led to being able to go back to the biographical you’ll need a nation under distress okay. Improve your formatting with the help of this article.

So what are you what what did you tell me where your words just don’t copy and paste or whatever sitting thing what did I learn from writing his paper what did I learn about this video what did I learn about good or bad later you know what did I wasn’t shocked about almost like a reflection okay so were you surprised about anything Gotham x yes and that’s not rhetorical question oh oh well nice possibly looks good but we was at like a difference I didn’t say because I had a lot of books that were prank from different perspectives and basically I don’t want to say to him quickly nobody knew but he would stereotype licenses but the same way of Isis Tara didn’t rat so that’s where you could say I’m you know for some it may be difficult to juxtapose the two opinions of this leader as they were things he did that were very it appointed for the movement however some of moods actions were hypno hypocritical in the sense that he did exactly what he reported another ship to those type of statements.