July 16, 2018
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Term Paper Synopsis

I want to make sure that your understanding research paper term paper writing best practices start at the beginning and kind of work through it real quick and then I’m going to work around so on blackboard what resources are available to help you haha thank you so have you come to course documents okay this should be your friend list of writing guidelines for business papers I have a shortened version of this document that i am going to print out i’m going to attach it with the rubrics and your paper so basically just has like a void conjecture you know reporting streams and then i’m your papers i’m going to be writing one circle to circle you know so then you can refer back so read this document everybody should be familiar with this document what is conjecture stay out on everybody but Daniel okay. Learn more about composing synopsis at Edusson.

Because clearly you did not read the writing revelations did you hand up if you have not your if you are not familiar with this document if you are not confident about the content of this document I said raise your hand if you are not confident with the content so everybody else is confident so I could give a pop quiz right now on this document what’s the role that numbers live it is a number of bugs was nothing but play in number four pick is under one like you so we’re sitting on your 25 nobody anymore okay a ginormous now foxes and boom thank you okay can you use contraction no what’s a contraction oh good okay what words should you be using what were some of the words I gave you those examples very good that make the authors postulate posit okay before we have a list of words here we are not in high school anymore we are not in kindergarten anymore okay expand your vocabulary look at those GRE word lists online there’s a ton of them out there okay. Read this article to not repeat yourself in text.

I want to see words like prolific pay rent ameliorate juxtapose partially causing these expanded exemplar differentiate okay initiate delineate convoluted predicted disseminate paramount use your three syllable words okay or two silver words such deposit it’s just a great word okay all right questions that vocabulary write your paper first and then go back in and no work on your writing a boy being redundant how intelligent Emma hey Stephen hey do you need to tell me the same thing twice no do I need to read the same thing twice I cannot tell you how many papers I’ve written that had the same exact sentence in the paper twice like I’m not going to know that the same sentence was in there twice or even three times slightly rewritten okay squeeze he’s like up revised wave ivory from it okay yes in your introduction you’re going to introduce you’re going to at a very level of privity give a synopsis of what’s going on.