July 16, 2018
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Term Paper Header

When you are doing your header you because your first page has to have say running header go to header hit edit header now up here you have to hit different first page and hit different first page right in the title first ok okay what I forgot to do though actually have to insert your page number first I was gonna get messed up so insert a beamer right and you have to go back over here I somebody one of you may have a trick for doing this better okay so running hey what did I do wrong thank you so what should happen polish and there should be no what punctuation in a running header okay so dr. Mann rules. Find out how to use header in term paper at Edusson.

Now what do i need to do you have a lot of running here nope running head is perfect but I’m glad your participation Roman times on the Roman okay so you come make it Times New Roman you and 12 font go to the second oops would you propose that guitar page I guess we go back on the second page what is your second page read like right oops when I forget to do each number top right ok it over left what do I need to do there you go Times New Roman 12 all right that’s it right what’s the first page here right cover Paige Cooper page cover page what’s the second page introduction actually make sure everything is in time so it’s supposed to be path without a second page just so you’re anything correct ok introduction is what centered bold okay what’s the next section your paper correct review okay this is how normal research article with look for the most part I mean obviously there’s something changes and then you’re going to have headers under that now so what you can do where where should you go to find an exemplar yes I’m glad you asked it with a question right correct yes okay. Find out how to make your information more clear here.

We have an example literature review so this is a really well written example of this would be sort of just a literature review so this would be in the paper we were skipping it’s because they have an abstract instead of an introduction you don’t have to write an abstract and then they would have liked the sub headers but this tells you kind of how they intertwined quotes with just using author so they have a combination of you know APA styles here with just citing an author because it’s an idea they took and then citing and also because its exact words they took okay so this is always and you should read this to you may get some good ideas for your paper okay another thing example term paper so read here this paper is from last semester is great example the while running paper it is certainly not perfect correct this paper has some real major issue sections I would not use this.