July 16, 2018
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Term Paper Formatting

If I see a page number what should I see quotation marks for the love of Pete if I see a date what should I see thank you you always put a comma after a date grammar 101 okay if you have a date you have a comma if you have a page number you have a quote ok so here at leadership aspects relational theory tells us what liberation if there is motivation okay communication so he did a much better job seat contraction thus comma allowed the people to develop optimism Carolyn so the grammar was pretty shady and his APA was that good but at least he did a good job looking at you know these different theories yes so we’re basically bright literature to be right there not to an 80 other than point. Get to know how to do formatting for your term paper on Edusson.

If they’re not like looking up and trying to stick the literature you section image the large reviews every one of those sections okay literature review is those components that I’ve asked for that is the literature of you I just think it was a completely differently oh the literature review is those sections okay everything up to until the conclusion so the literature review is all the sections between the introduction and the conclusion okay yep alright so going back to the rubric discuss influences and so what did the leader use charismatic leadership we had a really good you know communication action use commitment to influence people um meaning Oh meaning you tied things to so you know figure out what works for your leader great so we have influences what’s next weaknesses everybody has weaknesses okay so projection stereotyping this paper i’m not sure this paper had a weakness is section so autocratic leadership that was the only conclusion he’s completely completely blessing himself extension so he would have been a big fat zero on this ethic section okay. Get help with text connections from this material.

So not not to the extent to which i would have liked to have seen it then you better make that very clear he did not like if you look at his paper when he talks about like weaknesses he talks about autocratic leadership straight viewed welfare displayed an extra tension joy that central system so how how is this an ethical issue there’s no you don’t have saying he doesn’t he maybe he understood his head but does he communicate how this is an ethical issue and how it had you know- ethical implications okay so what on that possession vendor in the section there was life is the later appropriate right so weaknesses also don’t mean ethics does that make sense so you writes the word unethical views here but being an autocratic leader isn’t necessarily unethical correct Burt so you really need to separate out these two sections just because someone has a weakness doesn’t mean that it’s unethical now if you’re talking Nelson Mandela okay his foots in a was women were definitely a weakness right.