July 16, 2018
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Our Company

Our Company

Many corporations and those in government globally are looking for training resources for sustainability planning for both internal training of their own employees and a training series to offer affiliate organizations so they can train their employees yet have not discovered a good, comprehensive source of existing materials. Green Education On Line meets this need in the most professional and transparent deliveries possible.

Our Sustainability Education is for governments and businesses of all sizes and  for all employees to learn about ways to implement energy saving initiatives by implementing greener business practices, the first of its kind.  Our company offers content in training modules that provides the needed information and directions for facilitating and developing key sustainability information for government and private industry. The Sustainability Education we offer is of the highest quality in design, graphics and is SCORM compliant. Core Competencies cover planning for sustainability, environmental/carbon accounting and transparency, recycling, waste management, energy efficiency, green fleet basics, water conservation and more. All issues that play into what causes climate change, a controversial topic that is finally gaining acceptance are addressed for all audiences regardless.

We  compete nationally and internationally as these modules will be able to be translated into different languages for global distribution.

•     We understand the tasks to coordinate trainings in various formats, the need for these to be affordable for each client.

•     We take the duties that include e-mail and call center/telephone support with vendors and other client’s support staff very seriously to produce optimum satisfaction.