Marketing Through Education

Marketing Through Education

By implementing education based marketing concepts in your strategic plans, your are cross selling by osmosis. Offering clients and even your employees training in sustainable planning principles, corporate social responsibility, green cleaning concepts, waste management, water conservation and green building basics supports your green efforts, products and services. The keys to this type of a marketing strategy are to promote and present these offerings engaging your employees and your affiliated organizations. Most are interested to know how to plan for energy savings, what can be recycled, ways to improve indoor air quality and minimize absenteeism so this can only compliment your overall plan for positioning. As legislation continues to be introduced on the global, federal and local levels, you will be pro-active in compliant issues with providing e-learning education on resource management.

Trey Ryder, a well known Education Based Marketing consultant to law disciplines says:

"Education-Based Marketing is built around an educational message, which replaces the sales message. You can educate your prospective clients using any method through which they can get your information and advice."

By teaching your employees and affiliated organizations about sustainability measures, you position your marketing initiatives toward efforts of providing valuable information they can "take away" and use. Education based marketing is unselfish. The formats we offer for topics in our Sustainability Education Series can be white labeled. For your own customer base, these trainings help government and business entities benefit in implementing green business practices into their corporate culture and it will come from you. Our training strategy is to offer you programs that break down these concepts into workable models to be easily implemented by our partners, their employees and their clients.

We engage school systems, governments, NGO's and non-profit organizations to participate in offering our education and build their brand around these concepts.

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