July 16, 2018
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A good term paper those good has the introduction catches our attention then we you know lays out you know what’s in it although what’s the problem with this paper that is the biggest what paragraph in the world I haven’t recently I’ve go back we and clarify which you want for this last section number of grading rubric the identifies evaluates inclusion implications right I’m going to go through each one of those section if you just give me a second to finish this is that ok then we’ll go through make sure you have a second ok so first section of the rubric is what if you look at your rubric let’s get rid of something it’s like what I’m looking at this the reward did you go to grab ok here right ok so right so first section is an introduction that gives the grabs my attention it provides a roadmap for the paper ok tells me when I’m should be expecting ok. Find out what a good term paper looks like on Edusson.

So if we look here you catch my attention lays out sort of the contextual issues tells me where it’s going also including their views this section explicit his weaknesses and then that ok try cut is done a little bit more catching my attention but it’s still you know satisfies here we go literature review biographical history influences and life experiences there’s this run okay right here oops second sections biographical history influences experiences okay tell me that you know this person tell me a little bit about their life who has influenced them you know tell me about the life experiences that led to you know what they are now and so great what’s the next section look DZ so you see she’s like check that one check that one check that one each one of these sections should be a bolded headline so that it makes it really easy for me to find it in your paper don’t make me do what search for information. Learn more about term paper header in this article.

If you’re going to give an executive report to your boss he or she is not going to be thrilled if he or she has to comb through the paper for the information they’re asking for correct okay part of this is in bility to follow directions okay great those in sharing relation of traits to theory contingency approach after falling short of producing specific characteristics leadership theory expose on situational factors that affect leadership new theories going to discover what what is missing here so she did a really good job of explaining contingency theory approach but what did she not do we came back exactly give an example of how this actually relates to the leader okay here a contingency approach same thing so she did a good set job of laying out some of the theories but not necessarily as good a job situation on theory that she did okay very helpful the Dean Smith recognized early on your face challenges okay so he or she did it okay um supporting style she’s coaching and supporting style directing styles.